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SUSTAINABLE Copper Powder flakes
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Alexander Konks

CEO and Main Shareholder


Dmitry Turov

Executive Partner and Shareholder

In 2006 Alexander Wiktorowitsch Konks was a key account manager at the Russian mineral water manufacturer Merkurii who supplied the whole country with their water. Dmitrij Viktorowitsch Turov was his key account at the time. This is how they first met. Soon their business relation turned into friendship. Both gentlemen are nature, sports and travel enthusiasts and proud fathers of their two daughters and two sons. Naturally, Alexander and Dmitrij have the protection of the environment and a sustainable lifestyle at heart.

Although Alexander had a very successful career in international companies, such as Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch InBev, he felt that something was missing. So he followed his dream to become an entrepreneur with his own sustainable product. As an experienced entrepreneur and founder of several companies his friend Dmitrij was the ideal partner for Alexander. One of Dmitrij’s companys is the renowned health resort ‚Deer Outpost‘ for ecological tourism in the region of Perm.

It took several years of research to create the perfect, sustainable recycling product which would meet Alexander’s and Dmitrij’s high expectations. They knew that PurCopper would disrupt the copper powder industry! So, in 2020 the two friends founded their own company named Copper Smart.

Copper Smart is a sustainable company. This goes for our product PurCopper and for the company.

We take social responsibility very seriously and therefore adhere to the ETHICAL STANDARDS OF THE UN:

We provide a healthy work-life balance for our staff!

PurCopper is our state-of-the-art RECYCLING copper powder with

REM image of PURCOPPER powder flakes

Polydispersity plays a key role in its industrial application.

The different fractions in the working volume together with the other factors provide an excellent economical effect:

Compared to conventional copper powders on the market, you need 2-2.5 times less of our copper powder.

PurCopper is therefore TWICE AS EFFICIENT, meaning you need only half the amount of our copper powder flakes

Purecopper particle size 100 μm
Purecopper particle size 45 μm

What else makes

so special?

Traditional manufacturing methods, such as atomization and electrolysis produce toxic emissions and acids.

Due to our mechanical grinding production process we have ZERO EMISSIONS.

Also, compared with our competitors our product is highly DURABLE and STABLE in terms of shelf life, storage, usage and transportation.

PurCopper particle size 215 μm
PurCopper particle size 70 μm

Plus, PurCopper is unrivalled when it comes to INTENSITY IN CLOLOUR & BRILLIANCE.

And, unlike competing brands our PurCopper is 100 percent fire-resistant and non-explosive.

For our key accounts in the PAINTING & LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIES this means immense cost savings combined with an image boost resulting from the use of a sustainable recycling product.

PurCopper Specifications

For more details please download our brochure here


less oxygen


costs savings


INCREASeD shelf life


reduced Bulk density

Chemical composition in accordance with TS 24.44.21-001-42991915-2020, EN ISO /ASTM 52907:2019


flat, petal-shaped; powder particles have an irregular edge; as per specification the thickness of the petal at the edges is less than in the middle


the presence of impurities and moisture is excluded.


the length/width ratio is approximately 1.5 x 3.0; particle thickness varies from 0.5 µm to 5.0 µm depending on the surface area of the particle itself


The hydrophobic film on each flake prevents oxidation, presence of acidic compounds and oxide films on the surface of the particles


undesirable agglemoration or coagulation of particles are excluded

Oygen Content

the oxygen content of PurCopper is only 0.05%. In traditional copper powders the oxygen content is 10 times higher!!!


increased electrical and thermal conductivity


wide range of copper shades from pale blue, turquoise to dark brown. Not to mention our intense COLOURS and exceptional BRILLIANCE


the smell is a barely perceptible, metal smell, without any sharp undesirable odours

The graph shows the integral ratio of particles by size using the example of copper powder with a particle size distribution <45 μm with a sieve residue of no more than 5%.

Granulometric composition

The combination of factors such as the thickness of the petal, its surface area and low bulk density ensure directional placement and high concealment capacity of the copper powder in the base component. In a liquid, these factors provide a stable and longterm effect of aquaplaning, and therefore a uniform and effective distribution of powder particles throughout the entire volume of the working liquid.

intense COLOUR and
exceptional BRILLIANCE

Image of Purcopper flakes, particle size 20 μm - 70 μm

Production process and quality control

PurCopper particle size 40 μm

We do not use pyrometallurgical nor electrolytic processes for the production of PurCopper. The mechanical grinding process preserves the physico-chemical properties of copper.

We use recycled raw materials with a copper content of at least 99.8%. The recycled materials used for producion undergo numerous quality checks. The same goes for the semi-finished and finished poduct.

PurCopper is 100 percent fire-resistant and non-explosive.

No toxic emissions are released into the environment during the production process. Our production lines are completely leakproof and safe for humans as well as the environment.

PurCopper does not contain acidic residues and its oxygen content is 10 times lower than competing brands.

The particle size distribution of PurCopper ranges from 315 μm to 20 μm. Our equipment and production facilities allow us to produce PurCopper on an industrial scale.

Currently we are working on our capabilities to produce our 20 μm PurCopper on an industrial scale, too. Moreover, we are researching new areas of application for PurCopper, such as prodcomposites, petrochemicals, fuel and energy-efficient cells and aviation

Storage and transportation

Due to the above mentioned properties PurCopper does not oxidize during storage, is more stable and can withstand higher temperature than competitive copper powders.

This means considerable cost savings for our customers compared with the storage and transportation of competing copper powders.


PurCopper needs to be stored indoors in sealed containers.

Transportation is in accordance with the transport regulations (EN 1981/EN.1655).

PurCopper is shipped in hermetically sealed containers. Net weight 50 kg. Upon agreement with the customer other types of packaging and packing materials are possible.

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